Ries Impact Structure (Nördlingen)

Organizer: Claudia Trepmann, Stefan Hölzl, Sandra Piazolo

Estimated fee: 40 €

Date: June 11

Number of participants: 15 max.

The 26 km-diameter Ries crater developed from a meteorite impact within the Swabian-Franconian Alb, Germany, about 15 Ma ago (for a recent review article see Stöffler et al., 2013). The Ries is the type locality of “suevite”, which is a characteristic impact breccia and prominent building stone (e.g., St. Georg church, Nördlingen and early 19th century building at cross section of Kochstraße and Friedrichstraße, Berlin, Germany). The proximal and distal impact rocks of the mid-sized complex crater with sedimentary and crystalline target rocks are well preserved. We will visit one of the most impressive outcrops of the suevite, the Aumühle, and further outcrops that provide insight into the dramatic and manifold geological processes triggered by the impact.

Preliminary schedule and list of outcrops

  • Departure from Tübingen 7.30
  • Klosterberg / Maihingen: Crater ring crystalline basement, crystalline breccias, Lake sediments
  • Aumühle: Suevite quarry (contact suevite – Bunte Breccia)
  • Nördlingen (Daniel-tower building stone: suevite)
  • Ries Crater Museum
  • Geopark Linde: Megablock zone (sedimentary cover rocks, inverted stratigraphy, SW crater rim)
  • Return at Tübingen ca. 18.30

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