Begin of registration and abstract submission

  • Registration and abstract submission will be possible from December 2018 onward.
  • Payment of fees is now possible.
  • The deadline for registration is now April 15th, 2019!

Fees and payment

Conference fees

  • Full conference fee: 250,- €
  • Student fee: 125,- €

Registration for the conference is restricted to 135 participants. We operate a first-come first-served policy, also for pre and post-conference field excursions.

The conference fee includes the conference dinner.

Please note that registration fees are non-refundable, once you are accepted as a conference participant!

IMPORTANT FOR STUDENTS: Note that you must be a student at the time of the event to qualify for the student discount. Please send a scanned proof of status (student ID card, enrollment certificate, etc.) to

Also important: please note that with your registration you automatically become a member of the DRT association. The membership lasts 2 years and is not automatically renewed.

Fees for workshops and excursions

  1. Nördlinger Riess excursion (link): 50,- €
    • June 11
  2. Black Forest excursion (link): 55,- €
    • June 11
  3. Stylolite workshop (link): 40,- €
    • June 10 – 11
  4. AWI excursion (link) in Northern Germany: Free, but there will be additional travel costs for the participants.
    • June 10 (afternoon) or June 11 (morning)
  5. Historic Tübingen and Paleolithic art excursion (planned): Fees will be very low (if any) and paid in cash on the spot.

Please note that the fees for excursion 1-3 are generally slightly higher than the estimate, in order to cover unforeseen expenses.

Payment will be possible by bank transfer from 1st of March 2019 onward. Unfortunately it will not be possible to pay by credit card, paypal or other online payment systems, as all services we checked are either too expensive or not suited for our purpose.

The relatively late date is related to the foundation of our new society, the European Society for Deformation Mechanisms, Rheology and
Tectonics (see here). The new-found society is in charge of the organization of this years DRT conference.


Please transfer the total of the fees for the conference and for the excursions/workshops in a single bank transfer to the account below.

As purpose of payment please indicate the following:

  1. if you pay full or student fee (in which case you need to send a proof of your status — see above),
  2. the excursions/workshops, which you would like to participate in. Use the numbers as in the table above:
    1. Nördlinger Ries
    2. Black Forest
    3. Stylolite workshop
    4. AWI excursion.
  3. please also indicate your name, if not obvious from the transfer form (for instance because you use an institute account).

An example purpose of payment would be something like: “full fee, excursion 2, My real name”.

Please make sure to indicate that you, the sender, pays the transaction fees! This is sometimes necessary in case of bank transfers from outside Europe.

To avoid oversubscription, we would kindly ask you to send an email to to report that you paid or ordered payment from your (university’s) bank. This is needed because bank transfers sometimes take a while to reach us. Please also indicate whether you need an official receipt straight away. Otherwise you will be informed by email and will receive a receipt after the deadline plus a printed receipt at registration in Tübingen. Also indicate for which excursions you are registering.

In case of open questions or if you need to provide additional information, please email us.

Bank account details

The DRT 2019 is organized by the newly founded DRT society. Payments are made to the account of the society.

Account HolderDRT
Account Holders AddressWilhelmstrasse 56
72074 Tübingen
Account Holders Phone+49 7071 29 73147
Bank NameVR Bank Tuebingen eG
Bank AddressHerrenberger Straße 1–5
72070 Tübingen