Hydrothermal activity in the Black Forest/Upper Rhine Graben

Organizer: Tamara de Riese, Chris Hilgers

Estimated fee: 45 Euro

Date: June 11

Breccia in Teufelsgrund mine

The black forest is situated in SW Germany and is part of the European Variscan basement. The black forest forms the eastern shoulder of the Paleogene Upper Rhine Graben, and is a region of several hundreds of years of mining activity, with a multitude of hydrothermal veins and breccias.

We will visit the Teufelsgrund mine in the Münstertal. The hydrothermal veins consist mostly of barite, fluorite and quartz, sitting in the Variscan basement. Fluid flow produced hydraulic breccias, with many breccias stayed in their original position.
Additionally we will visit the old town of Staufen (Breisgau), where in 2007 seven geothermal borehole heat exchangers have been installed. After some weeks an uplift movement started, which is active until today, causing heavy damages to the buildings. Finally we will drive to a spot with a nice view above the Upper Rhine Graben, with the possibility to find minerals such as galena and sphalerite.

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