General information

  • Graphical Abstracts are mandatory (see the Author instructions below).
  • Possible contributions are either talks, posters presentations or Pecha Kucha presentation.
  • In order to submit an abstract for an oral or poster contribution to the DRT 2019 conference, you will need to complete the following steps, which will be explained in more detail below:
    1. register to the website (already possible),
    2. submit your abstract (already possible), and finally
    3. pay the conference fee (payment is possible 1st of March).
  • Submission is only final if all the steps have been completed and your planned contribution has been accepted by the organizers.
  • Note that those who opt for an oral presentation can be transferred to a poster or Pecha Kucha presentation.
  • Please note that the deadline for abstract submission, which had been announced for March 1, 2019, will be postponed, probably till mid of April. This is due to delays in the establishment of the new DRT company.¬† However, please note that submission will be closed earlier when the maximum number of 135 paid registrations is reached.

Privacy policy

Please note that your Graphical Abstract will be published on this website in an abstract gallery. By submitting your abstract, you therefore implicitly agree to the terms of our Privacy Policy and to the publication of the image, title, text and the list of authors.

Number and acceptance of contributions

Authors may submit a maximum of two (2) abstracts. Not more than one (1) of the planned contributions can be an oral presentation.


The first thing you have to do in order to submit an abstract is to register to this site. Registration is necessary in order to obtain a username and a password. You need to submit your full name, affiliation and your address in order to register. If you want to

Instructions for abstract submission

Graphical Abstracts

We make Graphical Abstracts mandatory for the upcoming DRT 2019. A Graphical Abstract will allow readers to gain a quick understanding of the core message of your contribution. This should increase the probability that someone actually notices and understands your abstract significantly.

This means that authors must provide an image that represents their contribution to the DRT 2019. A key figure from your talk or poster, which summarizes the content adequately, can also be submitted as a graphical abstract. In addition to the image and the title, a short description (ideally a single sentence) should be included. The text serves as a caption to the image and cannot have more than 50 words — less is more!.

There are a few decent examples on Elsevier’s website, that might inspire you. Also have a look at the abstract gallery itself.

Technical notes

A Graphical Abstract should consist of one image which makes the gist of your contribution clear. Do not include any distracting elements in the image. Again: less is more!

  • Image size: best provide an image with approximately 16:9 ratio (width x height), as this fits nicely on most screens. We suggest you use a resolution of approximately 1500 x 850 pixels.
  • Text: any text or label apart from the caption must be part of the image file. Don’t waste space! Please do not include a header like ‘Graphical Abstract’ in the image. Also don’t use unneccessary whitespace.
  • Fonts: Please use Arial (or its free equivalent Liberation Sans) or Courier (Liberation Mono) where a mono-spaced font is preferrable.
  • File type: preferred are the widely used image formats JPEG, PNG and GIF.


If you are registered, you can log in to your personal dashboard, where you can upload your abstract(s).

Payment and fees

Please have a look here. The possibility to pay the conference will be given at the latest on March 1st, 2019.