Ice core processing and analysis laboratories at AWI

Organizer: Ilka Weikusat

Estimated fee: free, but there will be additional travel costs for the participants

Date: June 10 afternoon or June 11 morning

Travel to AWI and accommodation in Bremerhaven: to be organised by yourself.

Please note that AWI is located in the N of Germany (ca. 600km from Tübingen)

Closest airport: Bremen, flight distance to Tübingen: ca. 2 hours, train distance to Tübingen: 7-8 hours)

June 11 afternoon/evening will be needed to travel to Tübingen.

We will have a tour through the freezer facilities at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Helmholtz Center for Polar and Marine Science. With footage material and experienced colleagues we will report on our general glaciological research and in particular from field work with ice drilling and sample processing, geophysical methods on the ground and airborne as well as insight into large scales of ice sheets from remote sensing and modelling approaches.

Full description as pdf

Ice cores at AWI