The 2019 DRT will honour the work of two pupils of the late Henk Zwart who both made significant contributions to structural geology and tectonics and who will both retire in 2019.

Janos Urai, together with Win Means, pioneered in-situ analogue experiments and the resulting movies made structures come to live.

Cees Passchier is best known for his careful description, modelling and interpretation of microstructures. The book Microtectonics by him and Rudolf Trouw has made an enormous impact on structural geology. The topic of the meeting emphasises that microstructures are an indispensable part of tectonic studies on all scales, which inspired us to choose the theme of the 2019 meeting.

Note that the number of participants for the conference is limited to 135 persons (owing to the number of seats in the lecture hall).

The meeting will be hosted by the Department of Geosciences, Eberhard Karls University, Tübingen.

Head of the organisation: Paul Bons
Scientific Commitee: Paul Bons, Sandra Piazolo, Elena Druguet, Mark Peternell, David Iacopini, Claudia Trepmann, Enrique Gomez-Rivas, Daniel Koehn